Finaly and testing CU-1 preview

Hi, It has been some time since the last blog. But here we are again.
The demo environment Kjetil Lindl√łkken and I has been working on is almost done.
It contains the following servers and features:

1 frontend server
1 Edge server
1 Mediation server
1 NET VX-1200 connected to Aastra MX-One
Colocated Monitoring & Archiveing server on the front end
1 Office Web App Server
1 TMG Forefront
1 Persistent Chat server
1 Competella server
1 Verba recording server
1 SQL2008R

To be done as soon they are ready we will install
1 MaxACD from AltiGen
1 Dolphin Q from Dolphin Software

We are also planning to make contact center integration with CRM Dynamics

Since EVRY is a part of vNext TAP program, we are also testing out the CU-1 preview for Lync2013.......

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