How to renew Certificate on the Office Web App Server also known as WAC

Some day the certificate for the Office Web App Server will expire.
Can this be done by useing IIS Manager to change this or is Powershell our friend again?
Well first we tried to use the IIS Manager to change this. Sorry, this did not work.
We have to use Powershell like this
set-officewebappfarm -certificate "Your new certificate"
Then we had to reboot the server

Thanks to Chief Consultant Tore Gjønnes who works at EVRY AS here in Norway.


  1. Anonymous8/6/16 18:04

    In case someone finds this in the future. The command above should be Set-OfficeWebAppsFarm -CertificateName "friendly name of cert"

  2. Hi i have done the same , and restarted all servers but.. when we try to open any document, its not working.. tried to browse inside the server, it says word web app loading but and stuck.. and out side server saying that the web address is not available o r moved to a different ip.. the certificate was installed perfectly and i checked in ( example) https://oos.myfarm.local/hosting/discovery“.. resulted fine and the new certificate also reflected