Lync 2013 and SQL Confusing..What is recommended

If you read the documentation for Lync 2013, you will there find out that when it comes to the SQL part, that it can be confusing.
I have asked Microsoft to se what they say about this.
My Question to them was:

From what I can find on Technet about Lync 2013 and databases it seems like SQL Clustering is not supported. But from the same page I find out that Mirroring is supported and recommended.

But what I don’t understand is that SQL Mirroring will be removed in future version of MS SQL Server and it’s recommended to use AlwaysOn but AlwaysOn is not supported by Lync 2013.

To make this complete it’s also say:

"SQL clustering topologies are not supported for new Lync Server 2013 deployments"
and then at the same page you say:

"continuing to use the existing SQL cluster with Lync Server 2013 is supported"
The answer that I got was this:

With Lync 2013 we recommend SQL Mirroring so please use that.
As you mentioned, SQL AlwaysOn is not supported with Lync 2013.
I would not recommend SQL Clustering with Lync 2013 as that is not direction we want our customers to take.

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