How to set different SharePoint MySite and Skill Search in Lync 2013

If you have like us a customer with different domains and local SharePoint with local MySite, then you normaly can get this to work with one SharePoint.
But since we can use client policy, well then we can create one client policy for eatch country. Then it will be like this i PowerShell:
New-CsClientPolicy -Identity <name of your new client policy>
Then we can do the Sharepoint for eatch policy
Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity <name of your new client policy>  –SPSearchCenterInternalURL http://<server>/SearchCenter/Pages/PeopleResults.aspx
Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity <name of your new client policy> –SPSearchCenterExternalURL http://<server>/SearchCenter/Pages/PeopleResults.aspx

Thanks to people in Linkedin who gave me a hint about this.

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