Some thoughts about the feature for Lync 2013

There are certainly many out there, who thinks a lot where shall we take Lync 2013 to the next step.
Shall our customers integrate Contac Center solutions? What about Lync Room Systems (LRS)? Will it kill Cisco/Tandberg?
What will Microsoft do with Lync and Skype?
What will come...?

As a Chief Consultant and Tech Champ I do work with this every day.
We see more and more customers thinking about to replace the old PBX'es because it's way to expensive to have them running, and by taking them out, we see that the yearly maintain and support cost will reduce.

On example is that we had a client wondering about to take out the Cisco CCM (50 users) and Trio Attendant and replace it with Lync and Competella. What they paid in maintenance and support for these two a year was the same that it would cost to relpace the old. If you then look and the second year running Lync and Competella the cost for support and maintenance would be around 20% of what they paid for the CCM and Trio.
LRS....will it replace Cisco Telepresence?

What I think for some customers yes, but not for all. However, we see how large companies thinks our here. They want LRS to work with Cisco.
If you were into Lync and thinking about to get video system, well then I would put my money to invest in LRS. You will get good value for money...

We are all waiting for the Lync and Skype federation. But will it be other than a cool thing?
I think so, because there are many people in small firms that do not have the money to by Lync, they are on Skype and well: "Welcome to platform" :-)

What is great is to speak to Microsoft about what will come. We have much to look forward to. Since I am in the TAP I get news but can't talk about it :-)  Ofcourse there is a bugfix or an update on it's way.....CU-2. We had CU-1 and it's out there.  Just look forward to CU-2. I know I do.

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