Why does not Lync 2013 logs lostcalls in Outlook?

I got an email from a customer today about that Lync 2013 does not show Lost Calls in Outlook more. Well they did not actually miss it. But it would have been nice to have.
Well, this has been working just fine in Lync 2010, a part annoying but it has been working out of the box.
Well some Googleing and some testing together with our customer we got it working.
So what did I do?¿?
Frist I tried to get user into a test ClientPolicy we have for this purpose. Great to have it to test new functionality before we publish it to all.
Ran this command
Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity Norway -EnableCallLogAutoArchiving $True -EnableIMAutoArchiving $True

Then I asked the customer to restart the Lync 2013 client. They then said it working, but later same day they reported that it had stopped working. Then I wondered.....is there something more I have missed out?
Could it be so easy that I have to turn on from the Lync Control Panel Archiveing. Well so we tried. I was not able to find some good documentation for this.
Frist we turned on Internal and External Archiveing.
The we turned on this and my customer reported it works.

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