What about the boot order for Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition?

Time for a article again. This time the boot order of Lync 2013 Enterprise Edition. As we know Lync 2013 is using Windows Fabric to replicate the topology to each server.
We know also that we need more than 60% of the Lync FrontEnd server up at all the time. This meens if you have an Enterprise Pool, you will need atleast 3 server running the FrontEnd role.
So when you for one or other reason to reboot you Frontend well read this Technet article before you boot your server:

Remeber to have plenty of time because it will take up to half hour to get your first server up and running when it has been rebootet. If Windows Fabric get's out of sync well it can take up to one our before it get's in to sync again.
You can check status by running this CMD'let:


Good luck in booting your servers.

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