Contact Center for Lync

As I menioned earlier this year we can deliver Contact Center for Lync. We have implemented Dolphin Q for a client. We have also implementet MaxACD from AltiGen.

Dolphin Q is for clients that does not all the advanced functionality in the Contact Center, but we can integrate with MircoSoft CMR (Dynamics). We can do skillbased routeing and menu options. There is also a complete statistic system also. More information on www.dolphin.no

With MaxACD we can deliver the hole package. Lync client will be "docked" into the MaxACD client.
There is a Supervisor where team-manager can monitor the system and move trafik from one queue to another queue.
The team-manager can do barge-In, Visper functionality.
There is also a recording following the system.
Integration with Service desk and we can pop contact card. Integration with Salesforce.com where you answer the call in Salesforce and Pop Contact Card.
Wallboards, gives you the opertunities to create your own......
Upto 512 agents on one server but only 256 agents logged in at the same time. But if you neet more agents we will just add another server and you can doble up number of agents

Fore more information.... www.altigen.com or contact me

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