Zoom, MS-700 Certification and more

There are lot's going on in the Teams world at the present time.
During this weekend I have together with my co-workers just move a customer from Skype Onprem to Teams with telephony for 300+ users. One of the cool stuff we did was to add SIP-registrar on Poly TRIO 8800 and on Poly VVX-311 also. For the TRIO 8800 we also added the new feature named USB PassThrough since they have Visual + in those rooms. And it's cool to report that everything works just as it should. Want to know more please contact us on Teams at blinQ.

Zoom and Telephony

One of the new feature that we now can provide is Zoom with telephony. Since we are running AudioCodes SBC in Azure we now can deliver telephony in Zoom. 
This you can read more about on my post at LinkedIN.

Backup in Teams

One thing that is important is that to be able to do backup of Teams. MVP Lee Ford has written about this, and read about it here.

 MS-700 Certification

Earlier this was in beta, but now it's come out public. This can be read about here. This aslo containt the prep-guide. Good luck. I'm going to take it soon.

Turn off surways in Teams

One of the new features is how to turn off surways in Teams. This can be done from the Teams client.
In settings you can use this 

This is all for today. I will keep on posting new and more stuff here also.If you want to read my norwegian blog then come to this page. Have a great day where ever you are.

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