Graph-API give you presence in switchboard Tenant

One of the product I have worked with the last 3-4 months and where I do have customer running live since Graph-API was in beta. Yes you read right. These customers was the first in the world to go live on Teams Graph-API.

Together with Tendfor in Sweden blinQAS in Norway where I work, has gone where none ever had gone before :-).
And on monday we vent futher forward. Tendfor who deliver switchboard software based on Direct Routing, did an upgrade where they was able to publish presence in the Tendfor Application.
And it looks like this
As you can see from this picture we see the Teams presence from my co-workers in the Tendfor application for windows.
In the Tendfor app for Teams it looks like this

As you can see the Graph-API gives us presence and on the left side we have Tendfor application.
I think this i a major step up for Teams and how Teams can act as your switchboard.

New blogg will come soon.

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