Wooo Webinar for KEMP done

 What end for a great day. Now just finished with a webinar for KEMP. The preperation has been done together with great people like Frank Yu, Hugo Faria, Andrew Casey and Noemi Toth. We all in different contries, parts of the world. And let's don't forget Mikael Lange who had this idea for me to come and speak.

Here are some short info about it:

  • TMG Forefront is dead (RIP)
  • Why Always on VPN and not Direct Access or Classic VPN.
  • KEMP ESP pay for it and get the good stuff
  • How to migrate from Lync/Skype to Teams and SBCaaS or onprem SBC, you call.
  • You as a customer is the "commander in chief"

The webinar was recorded and you will be able to watch it here 

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