April 2020 update - May first edition

Well, it's been some time ago since the last blog here. But here we go again.

Security in Teams 

There has been a lot of news regarding security for the UC platform. In 2018 Cisco got some issues regarding GIF. This has been fixed.
Then Zoom got the same issue and even more issues. Read about it here and I suspect that it will be fixed soon.

And ofcourse Microsoft Teams had some issues to. How Images can hack Teams, read about it here. And since there are now 75 million daily users on Teams, password hack is the next thing. Read this from Forbes . But then again. What does Microsoft to provide this security.
As you might know Microsoft run on your windows client update every 2 weeks, and often if needed do to security

But if your an IT-Admin and want's run this by your self. You have more control on the version then Microsoft. Sorry this can't be done. Read about it here

What if I run VDI like Citrix, well then you must update it your self.

April 2020 update

There has been lot's of new stuff this month. Even the world is working from home. First out was TeamsFest April2020. A free open conference covering Teams. Great one the little I had time to follow.
Then we got new background in Teams where you can bee on the beach, in space and what about be in the livingroom of Simpson. This was a hit.
Then you will get from 4 picture video stream to nine picture video stream in meeting. This I will look forward to get.
You have on the mobile client also got blur background.  This is quite handy if you are on an airport, trainstation or in your car having a meeting. 
I also got my MS-700 certification this April. Have you got yours? This can be taken from home, so you don't have to run into a test center.

The world is still working form home, and as Teams consultant then boat is still running on good speed. We the new numbers from Microsoft. From 44 million users in the start of Covid-19 and to now there are 75 million users in daily bases. This is great for a IC/UC tool.

I will provide more great news real soon....be safe out there.

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