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For my norwegian readers I had last week a webinar talking about the road from Skype for Business Onprem til Teams with Telephony.
This is the webinar in a nutshell. Happy reading
To get from a S4B Onprem to Teams, well often we use hybrid mode to get there. If you are running Lync2010 (hope not) well then Hybrid is not an options. The users will loose their contact lists.

If you are running Lync 2013 install the latest CU, Powershell 5.1 and Skype Online Connector.
Then you can use powershell commandos move the users after hybrid has been enabled.

If you are on Skype for Business 2015 or 2019, well then add the latest CU, Powershell 5.1 and Skype Online Connector. And build you Hybrid.

One important thing that can cause problems is that you will need to have the users you want to move with right licenses. This meens, if they have Enterprise Voice, you must give them Phonsystem and if you used the options to call into a conference on you S4B environment, well then the users to moved need to have AudioConferencing aswell. If this is wrong, well then you will not be able to move them. 

One other thing is that you need an account with domain.onmicrosoft.com and one onprem that is CSAdministrator, RTCUniversalServeradmin and Local server admin.
Be sure that all certificates are OK and that they live under the period running Hybrid.
Do not have the users in Island mode for a longer time then you will need. Island mode is confusing for the users. 

Be also sure that Exchange is ready for Teams. That users can use calendar app in Teams. Run some prepilot users to verify this. When done and checked it's time for Telephony part.

If you plan to use telephony in Teams and your organization is moving from S4B, well remember licenses. And does your trunk provider know how to fix SBC part.
Where I work, we have created what we call SBCaaS where we can in a global way deliver SIP trunk for you from your telco provider. Then you don't need any knowledge about SBC and how to maintain this.
If you don't know how/about SBC, let a provider help you and get it as a managed service.
The telco you use for mobile in your company is the one you want to deliver the siptrunk. If this is a managed service, then you need a provider that can deliver siptrunk over Intenet.

When i comes to Contact center or switchboard, I have the last period worked with Tendfor or Competella
Tendfor is the first to use Graph API for it fully. We in blinQ has serveral customers running this, so if you need reference case or want hear more about it, contact me.
When it comes to Competella, well they recommend at present time Hybrid, but they are working on Competella as a service. Contact me for more information about this.

Well then you are good to go. But if you need help or wonder about this, please contact me and I can give you some advice on the way.

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