Deployment of Persistent Chat Lync2013

1         Deployment of Lync2013 Persistent Chat

We are now going to do the deployment of the Persistent Chat Server.
We open the topology builder and download the current topology.
Then we goes into Lync Server 2013

Choose new persistent chat pool

Type the FQDN for the server and then Next

We will use our SQL defined in the system

Then we will use our FileStore as well

Here it is and now we have to Publish the topology and then we can start the installation.

It creates databases for Persistent Chat.
Update Lync Server with the changes defined in the topology by running local Setup on each server in the following list.
Server FQDN: lync2013fe.edemo.no, Pool FQDN: lync2013fe.edemo.no
Server FQDN: lync2013perchat.edemo.no, Pool FQDN: lync2013perchat.edemo.no

Done for the frontend server. Let’s work on the Persistent Chat server.

1.1         Make the server ready for persistent Chat

We will need to install the Lync server for the next step.

1.2        Let’s install the server

We need to install Windows Identity Foundation as a part of Lync2013

We will setup Local Config Store

Ready for Step 2

Ready for Step 3 Certificates

Let’s start the services.

Job well done and we can log into Lync Controlpanel and start to configure it and the rest of there server.

Job done.

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