What can be delivered

From a customer perspective sometimes they think that base all phone systems on Lync can be single point of...

Well, is it???? Not from my point of view.
Where I work, in EVRY (www.evry.com) we can show you what we can do.
We works together with som large US based partners to deliver Contact Center solutions for Lync.
We can integrate with WFM software as well.
And we do recording from Lync, from Telepresence if you want.......What ever you SIP carrier is we can do recording.
We also do advanced Attendant from a Swedish company.

Who is our partners:

Contact Center we have two:
AltiGen Inc (www.altigen.com) useing MaxACD
Dolphin Software (www.dolphin.no) useing Dolphin Q

Work Force Management we have one:
Teleopti (www.teleopti.com) useing Teleopti CCC

Advanced Recording we have one:
Verba, (www.verba.com), useing Verba recording

Advanced Attendant we have two:
Competella, (www.competella.com) , useing Competella Attendant
Telmax, (www.telmax.no), useing Vison 80/20

If you don't have SIP trunk or want to use Lync with SIP  or you must keep your PBX, don't worry we are a partner of  NET now a part of Sonus (www.net.com), we use NET UX or VX, depends on what you need.

Please contact me if you want more information about this or if we can get you over to the world of Unified Communications..........

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