Skype for Business/Lync InterRoute

Today's blog is about InterRoute.....How to get this to work in Skype for Business #Skype4B or in Lync 2013 if you are stilll on the old product.

If you are installing internal sip trunks, well then this might help you a lot.
How did I fix this:
First I have a fantastic CoWorker named Thomas Stubergh here in Skill AS @SKillNorge who gave lot's of input.

The next thing we did was to establish the trunks and route's for the internal trunk and for the external trunk as well.
Then under trunkConfiguration we had to add two configuarations. and both has to have the internal and external trunks in it.
Then we had to place the internaltrunk on top on both.
Then we made the number that we wanted to be used for internal trunk on called number, and also if you have short numbers for speeddial.
And then just wait until it replicates, and magic happend.

Then we saw on wireshark that when dialing from external (my cellphone) it hit the external trunk and then moved to the internal trunk.
And then calling out from an application using the internal trunk we also saw in wireshark that it hit the internal trunk and then moved to external trunk......

Thats all for today.....

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