Registry fix for more than 100 users in a goup

Based on information from Technet, we now can add distribution groups for more that 100 users in our Skype for Business client.
Just follow these settings from Technet

1 comment:

  1. The limitation of distrib Group expansion of >100 users does exist since 9 years in the Product (its an issue since 2007 August, ocs 2007 r1 rtm). Also, the issue is a 2-sided problem: side1: the Client refuses to show the members if they are over 100, and side2: if my mind does not play tricks with me, the groupexpansion aspx webservice also stops if the result is over 100 members. So in the past (at least i had this experience with ocs2007 r2 / lync2010) it was not enough to tube only the client side.


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