2016 fading out.......2017 is about come

Well, what a year 2016 has been. Lots of stars has left us. From David Bowie, Lemmy and last Carrie Fisher.
Well, as a Skype for Business consultant, this year has been great for me. Lot's of interesting projects. New job at #blinQ. Building a company from the beginning. KEMP VIP status and blinQ got as the frist in Nordic Area KEMP Center Partner.

Microsoft has pushed out more new features in Office365. The new MAC client finally got here.
Skype Operations Framework will now be a important part of how we shall deliver projects.

Someone out there in LinkedIn said that in about 2 years time the Skype for Business consultant role has gone and that companies do not want to hire them anymore.
I will not agree to that, our role as advisor, since we know how the EV works, and in the Nordics where I work Microsoft can hardly deliver EV functionality in O365. Lots of companies has hybrid solutions, so I will not agree. Maybe it's different in UK or US since they have O365 with EV. But what about Attendant or Contact Center? How can you fix that in O365? Microsoft does not have this and when terminate SIP trunk, you can do that is Azure, but then we are talking about a new game, and the UC Consultant was not dead after all :-)

Thanks to all my readers, an I'll be back next year.
Happy new Year

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