Cloud or non cloud

Cloud or Non cloud.....that's the question?
Are you thinking about to get your Skype for Business in the Cloud or OnPrem? Cloud or Non Cloud. Hosted or Non hosted? Well this are important infrastructure and company policy that has to be considered.
In the most of Europe Microsoft can't at the present time offer any more than PSTN Conferencing over the Office365 Skype for Business Online......

They have as most of us know has come with the Cloud Connector where we need some parts on premise to get the call functionality.....but you will loose some stuff as well.
What you loose with the Cloud Connector vs On Premise is the possible to run attendant like Competella. I know that Competella is working on something here.
You can then get Cloud Bond 365 from AudioCodes and on that run the Competella if you need it. But then  we are talking about On premise in Hybrid with the O365.
With a On Premise solution you have the complete freedom. You can enable the users with Enterprise voice, and let not all have it.
You can complete control of you your telco provider is. The minus here is that you have to find a where to place you servers, administrate your servers, and patch them....
There is someone out there who can give you Microsoft kind of services, where you have your Skype for Business solution hosted. They patch, run health checks on the server, take good care, and they can give you Attendents, Contact Centers. The telco provider that you want to use or all ready have.

Be careful when you take your choice on how you want your feature telco platform.....Do you just want mobile phone and no voice in Skype for Business? If the answer for that is YES, then just go for the O365 Skype Online.

In most of Europe we at present time does not have Microsoft as telco provider...but the game will change and soon it will come here also we hope. We have been waiting a long time now.....

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