All from headset to Skype4B Hybrid issues to an interview

It's been a while since my last blog. So this will contains a lots that has happened lately.
So lets go........
Yesterday 6th Desember 2017, I was interviewed by a journalist who is going to write something about KEMP Technologies, MELA, KEMP 360 Central. Looking forward when it comes out. Was great, and this how we KEMP VIP's does it. Want to know more about KEMP Loadmaster, well contact me or blinQ AS, and we can give you an introduction to the world of  Harware LoadBalancing and how to use it as a reverse proxy.

The second thing is that I and one of my coworker has been testing the Plantrionics UC 8200. My coworker think it's real good and works fine. I had some issues with the BT-300 dongle but I have issues with all kind of dongle on my surface, so I think it's my early Windows 10 Preview that does it or something else. But as many out there has said that the UC 8200 is a great one. And as a pro headset it's just fine.

The third thing is that I have worked on a case where Skype for Business Hybrid is the case. Great fun, but also that we found out that Azure AD has to sync up schema. When we moved down a user from Skype Online and tried to move it up we got this error that could seem to be related to database issues. We tried to reinstall the SQL 2012 connector since some told that this could be the issue. Well, that did not work.
What we found out is that there was an issue as mentioned with the sync of the Schema. We did an update for the Active Direcory sync server. Then we did run a manual sync of the schema to Azure and then waited for this to happen, and then we was able to move the user up to Skype Online.

This was not as you understand a quick fix to come to solve this problem, but we where quite happy to find it.

Well X-mas is here soon and have a happy holiday when this comes to you.

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