Huddy Camera part 2

I have if you read my blogpost seen that I have got the Huddly camera. I have been testing it on my Surface PRO 4. I use Skype for Business on regular basis.
Today I testet the camera in a Skype4B call with a customer to try it out.
First we connected using the Sureface build in camera, and it was OK. Then I switched to the new Huddly Camera and WOW.
The wide 150 degrees, the zoom and the customer of mine said. WOW what a difference. The way to handle the camera during meeting or call is real nice and smooth.
The size is perfect to bring with your personal computer or if you want to use it in a conference room. I think this will get a lot's of places where you can use this.

If you want to know more or try it out. Please contact me or blinQ AS in Norway and we can help you with this.

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