MS-Teams - BYOT - SIPTRUNK Independent and some SFB2019

Time for a new post, and what a two weeks this have been
First I ended the first week by getting KEMP, S4B-2019 up and running as you already have read about.

The magic happend to MS-Teams

Then we got our SBC running and configured with siptrunks from different partners. Like Voxbone, Phonect and futher more. The SBC is running i Azure, and this meens we can and will terminte the siptrunks into Azure and this has to be siptrunk over internet.
Why are you thinking, well just so that we can deliver any phonenumber almost all over the world for you Microsoft Teams client.
We have produced a multi-trunk and multi-hosted plattform, where you can take your sip-trunk and we can deliver your phone services.
This is BYOT at is best, and blinQ AS was the one to give this to you first. And this will be a SAAS service.
From what I have read, this is the new wine :-) and this is some real new stuff to this plattform. We will for the finance - banking market do recording aswell when this is required.
In Norway we will together with partners have a breakfast meeting for customers, other partners or anyone who wants to learn and find out how we can do this. More about this will come soon.

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