Microsoft Teams - Statistics - AA and CQ

First of all. Under one month to Christmas. It's been a long time since my last blog out here. Been occupied in the name of Microsoft Teams.
One of the things I sees who are missing is when it comes to Statistics on the PhoneSystem. This has to do with AA and CQ.
AA you think, What is this? AA = Auto Attendant, where you handle opening hours, IVR functionality and so. Basic routing of calls to Microsoft Teams.
CQ what is that, its the second part of AA, CQ= Call Queues, where we route trafic to spesific Groups like we do in AA. but to build next level of this.
 This can't be so that when you call an AA or CQ you see talk time, phonenumer to who has called and what number the person has called into, and when it arrived. But you can't find out how has answered it.
This is real bad. I have spoke to Microsoft about this and there will come something new about this, but we don't know yet.
To get help we need people like you who read some of this to go here and vote.
and for this one as well

I'm sure that something will change about this, when you look what happens to API in Microsoft Graph.

Have a great week out there where ever you are.

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