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Been a short break here but I'm back. There been plenty going on lately. As some of you have noticed I have published an post on LinkedIN. This has started to get viral
My post on LinkedIN and I hit a nerv here.

For you that are not so good in Norwegian, it's goes like this.......
Think that you have MS-Teams as your Telephony system. We at blinQ like to call it TiT (Telephony in Teams) and you have Contact Center from eg. Genesys PureCloud or a web based switchboard from eg. Telia. This will give you mobilestatus in the switchboard.
 Well then we can integrate this into your Teams client. And with the right config done by us you will use the Teams client to answer the calls.
We can connect it with WEBRTC so for your Contact Center we can deliver it in Teams and you can use Teams to answer calls.
We deliver it 100% all cloud. We do not have our SBC's in our datacenter, we have it in Azure. This is natural since Teams are running there as well. This gives us stack options when
ever we need to get more servers for this solutions.
We have also done this integration with Contact Center who is hosed in AWS but all Telco is in Azure and you can bring your own telco to this platform as long the sip-trunk can be delivered over an internet connection.

This is the integration of Genesys Purecloud where we use WEBRTC to answer the call.

If you want more information about this please contact me and I will tell you more about it and of course the cost for get TiT and all the integrations.
Remember that you heard it first here. #Teams #blinQAS #PureCloud #TiT.

Learn Teams like a pro

The last hours Microsoft has published lot's of new stuff for you who want's to learn more about Teams. You will find the modules here.

User Status in Teams 

Well now I have spoke all about the good things. But it's not all nice and pink. Something is needed to be improved and that has to be the presence status. 4 minutes delay can't be good and for a contact center or switchboard well that is not good. We all know how it was in #Skype4B.

Hope this was a good read. Have a great day out there where ever you are.

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