M365virtualMarathon, Sharepoint Saturday Virtual Cologne 2021 and more

 Whooo hooo, what a week. First two sessions on #M365VM, one went down because Teams in EU and Asia was down :-( 

Then the second session "Direct Routing VS Calling Plans" went real good. 

And this morning I woke up to the cool Email. Your Session at SharePoint Saturday Cologne 2021 (virtual) 29th may has been accecpted. #Prowd

Yealink WH66/67 new firmware out! 

Some days ago Yealink come out with a new firmware. This is some of the feature that has come in the new frimware. You find all here: 

New Features

1.SupportedDECT Step C: authentication –DSAA2, encryption –DSC2 (128bit).
2.Added the feature that you cannot upgradethe headset when the battery is low (< 10%).
3.Added the feature that when the headset disconnects from the base for 1 minute during a call, the call will automatically hang up.
4.[WH66,  WH67]  Added  the  feature  that  you  can  switch  between  headset  and speakerphone mode by long pressing the mute key on the headset.
5.[WH66,  WH67] Added  the  feature  of  adjusting playbackand  call  volume  separately under a USB connection.
6.[WH66, WH67] Added the feature that you can swipe from the left edge to the right on the LCD setting screen to return.
7.[WH66, WH67] Added the feature that the call will automatically switch to the headset channel during a hands-free call after the headset reconnects.
8.Added the feature of BT50 silence detection.
9.Added the feature of BLT60 connection status LEDs.


1.Optimized the playback priority of Bluetooth devices.
2.Optimized the Bluetooth reconnection feature.
3YEALINK NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.www.yealink.com3.Optimized the key tone, local ring tone, and Bluetooth connection prompt tone.
4.Optimized Mute  Reminderfeature that only when  you speak  continuously will  the headset play the audio reminder according to the configured time interval.
5.Optimized audio qualityand voice delay during a call.

Bug Fixes

1.[WH66, WH67] Fixed an issue that the device card may be displayed abnormally when the base is connected to a phonerunning firmware version 86.
2.[WH66, WH67] Fixed an issue that the sound may become too tiny to hear sometimes when the headset is adjusted to a low volume.

New Teams Features.

One of the MVP's from Sweden Linus Cansby has published all about Collab Calling in Channels in Teams. Read about it here: https://www.lync.se/2021/04/collaborative-calling/

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