New headset and speaker, wow I'm impressed

 On friday last week I got the text message from postal service that my package from Poly Norway has arrived. Since I just love headset and gadgets, I just ran over to the store to get it.

The package was a bit heavy and it did contains:

3 pcs of Poly chocolate that looked like Poly Sync-20

1 pcs of Poly Focus-2

1 pcs of Poly Sync-20

I did the unwrapping in a hurry and was so excited to start testing this. 

So let's start with Poly Focus-2

Poly Focus-2

this is the headset that will replace the classic Poly/Plantronics UC Focus. I got my first one in 2015 when it was lauched. And that time I was mindblown of it. But will they make one that is even better?
Well they did. First, the new talktime is 18 hours. The microphones are better, the new BT-700 dongle wow and you get better bluetooth range. And it's Teams certified and 3 levels of ACN (Active Noise Cancelations). It's either Off, 50% ON or 100% ON.
One other thing is that is feels better than the old one and premium qualtiy. At present time I have not found anything wrong with it, unless you need DECT. But then buy a DECT headset.

The next product that I also got was the Poly Sync-20

Poly Sync-20

This is the entry model for a series named Sync. Sync comes in 3 versions.
  1. Sync-20 entry model and for small space
  2. Sync-40 the little bigger one
  3. Sync-60 is the top model and the bigger one. 
For the first, you get 20 hours speak time on this one. You can get it in USB-A or USB-C. Your choice. It's ofcourse Teams certified and Zoom as well. The other cool thing is that you can use it as a powerbank for charging your mobile phone. That is real smart. Never heard of any that can provide that on a speakerphone device.
You can use cable or bluetooth connected to your laptop. The sound in this Sync-20 is just brilliant. Real great and if you are running other speakerphones and want to change or you wonder about to get new one, well then this is your model to start with.

So what are my conclution on these two producs. Let's roll the dice.
Cred: Arendal Tidene

So just speak or make a call to your Poly partner and get these producs. And they all works fine with the Plantronics Hub so you can update firmware either for the BT-700, the Focus-2 or the Sync. 

If you want to use DECT headset, well then look into the Yealink WH-66 or WH67. They are real good for this type of use, and since I also have that WH-66. I have it connected to my PC via USB-C and to my mobile via bluetooth and to my common area phone AudioCodes C470HD via bluetooth. Works also smooth and pretty handy if need to get out garbage and are in call. Thing happens in busy day.

Well that was all for now, and I will back soon with more producs to write about. But what ever you choose well be sure to look for 

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