New headset on the market. Welcome Yealink BH72

 Finaly, when I got back to the office today, I have got my new toy. As many of you know out there I just love new gadgets. This time I got the Yealink BH72 with charging stand for Teams.

First of all, this is a Teams Certfied Headset.

My review of Yealink BH72 TEAMS

I got this today and WOW. 40 hours talktime, that is huge. 

I have tested this on Teams phone call from a mobile and also music from spotify. Works just great on both.
That mic who is an arm you pull out is smart, and clever to use when answer calls.  But it seems a little ragged, from that, this is the only negative I seen so far. But it does it's job and working.
The ANC are good and works smooth. Yealink use a technology named Acoustic Shield, while eg Poly use Acoustic Fence. They both work fine from my view, but I do think that Yealink is a bit in the front at the present time.
One advice is to use the Yealink USB Connect app.

You can download it from here. This is a must when running headet from Yealink. Here you do all settings, firmware update. 
One more thing use the USB Dongle that follows the headset. You can get it as USB-A or USB-C.
There are two versions of this. One with charging stand and one without. Get the one with is my advice. 

I will give this head set 5,8 of 6

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