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Today there are lot's of people out there talking about how to take Enterprise voice to the cloud. In the Nordic region Microsoft deliver lots of users to O365.
But then you have just PSTN Conferencing at the present time, unless you can use Telenor Office365 with Telenor Mobilt Bedriftsnett.

There are also lot's of companies out there who deliver Lync/Skype4B as a service with Competella and full enterprise voice.
But, what if you don't want to bind your mobile and Skype4B together. What then? I want to use Skype with Competella, with KEMP as reverse proxy, and also control the user either it's Onprem or Online i O365.

This can be done. All you need to do is to be on O365 enabled with Skype for Business Online. If you are not, well then blinQ can help you. We deliver Cloudbond365 and are heading to get our Partner Status real soon.
Then together with AudioCodes Cloudbond365, you can now install Competella on one of the free VM's that this is running. It will ask you to install a ISS ARR reverse proxy, this can be skipped and you can run KEMP VLM-200 on this, if you want to use it.

With Cloundbond365, O365, KEMP and Competella you will now have Enterprise voice in the cloud also in the Nordic region.
This is edge technology and we are now ready to give all this to you.

There are also great other things happens out there. Ever heard of SPARK?? I know, Cisco, well after I have seen what shall come real soon, what where they move. I know a lot out there has bought SMARTBoards for education together with projectors and everything....You all will be amused of that is just around the corner and to what prices it will be.

I wish I was able to tell you more about it, but as soon I can it will come out here.

<<Updated september 25th 2016. >>

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