http to https redirect for KEMP Loadmaster

More and more customers are going for KEMP Loadmaster as reverse proxy. Often the question about http port 80 redirect inside KEMP Loadmaster to https 443 and then to a realserver who runs 8080 or other ports.

Then just follow these steps
To redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, follow the steps below in the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI):

  1. Create a Virtual Service on the IP address you use for HTTPS on port 80. This service will act as a redirector and does not need Real Servers.
  2. Once created, on the Virtual Service modify screen, expand the Advanced Properties section.
  3. In the Not Available Redirection Handling section, select 302 Found as the Error Code.
  4. Enter the URL to redirect to in the Redirect URL text box. Click Set Redirect URL. You may use the wildcards %h and %s to represent the requested hostname and Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) respectively.
then under redirect url add https://servicedesk.domain.com

After the public DNS has been created and the FW is open for port 80 for this service well then KEMP will do it's magic.

You can try it from your browser and type in: http://servicedesk.domain.com and you will end up in https://servicedesk.domain.com

Soure: KEMP Technologies

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