Office web app server (WAC) and HLB

One of my customer who I have build a Skype for Business as a service for are running KEMP Loadmaster in a HA environment.
One of the things we did was to HLB WAC server. This is how we did it:
1. install the frist WAC server and with a certificate
2. Create the farm with external and internal URL https://owaweb.domain.com/hostring/discovery
3. check the farm and that the service running
4. Then install the second WAC server with the same certificate as on the frist one
5. Get the machine to Join the farm by this Command
New-OfficeWebAppsMachine -MachineToJoin wac1.domain.com
More about it here: 

Make sure that its all in the S4B topology, the farm is defined. Also the internal and external DNS records for the farm, pointing to KEMP Loadmaster. Open for port 443 in the Firewall

On the  KEMP Loadmaster just use the template, then Add the VS using public ip and then connect to the OWA servers on your internal network and let KEMP do the LoadBalancing.

After testing the solution where we duing a powerpoint presentation we did not have downtime, just a small freeze for 1 second for the presenter who run the powerpoint in Skype for Business.

If you want to know more about KEMP, and how to use KEMP please contact me since blinQ is the only KEMP Center Partner in the Nordic Area.

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