Teams new features in the call sections and more news

As many who has Phone system to have Microsoft Teams as your telephony solution, you might have noticed this changes.
You can now add more groups here, and if you have turned on the Call Park feature in the admin you can pick them up here as well. Lot's of new stuff is happening. The application is still under development and new features comes all the time.
More news and information futher down here:

As some of you know I have over the years worked a lot with Competella as a switchboard for Lync and Skype for Business. One of my customer has started to move to Teams with Enterprise voice. One of the challenges was to get Competella to read presence during the transfer. I can present that we have done this in hybrid environment. Where the latest build of Competella R2.5 of the server and together with Hybrid Skype for Business we now can pick up presence information for the user who has Teams Only. Just a little config and it works. Be aware that this is just a temporary solution until Microsoft is comming with their API for presence information. Then I'm sure everyone who develop switchboards will come with a solution for 100% cloud based solutions. But for now Competella works. But the switchboard users need to be back on Skype for Business, otherwise you need to get a operator switchboard.

Many have seen it already, but here is more information about the architecture behind the Microsoft Teams.
You will be able to read about it here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-architecture-solutions-posters

Well this is the end of April and more news will come out during May so for now have a great day and thanks for reading my blogs.

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