Teams Direct Routing, Dyn365 Customer Service Omnichannel Voice

 There has been a little while since I lasted blogged here. But the one who is waiting for some are gonna get something good.

Some history

Omnichannel meens that there are several media who can be queued into your contact center. It can be SMS, email, chat, Facebook, WhatApp, LinkedIN and more. So this is not something new that Microsoft has created. I started in around 2005 to deliver this. So it's quite old but very usefull.

Ignite 2020

This was the time that Microsoft started to talk about Omnichannel in Dynamics365. Then we got SMS, Email into Dynamics365 Customer Service (CS). 

But since Ignite 2020 we had Ignite 2021 part one and part 2. And now things happes. And the stuff goes real fast.
Read about the feature here and here you will see what has come so far regarding Omnichannel voice..

Today, what we got?

First of all we need to configure Azure Communication Service and add a resourcegroup to it. And when that is done.
I would also use Direct Routing in Teams since we now can configure Direct Routing into Azure Communication Service (still preview at present time).
We all this is in place well it's time to configure Dyn365Customer Service and the voice part there.
This will come in an later blog how to do this part and maybe som YouTube videos as well.

Since you already has Teams with Direct Routing, well why not ad a switchboard for the company. Want to know more about that, just contact me.

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