Dyn365Sales - Teams Telephony

 Some times things just happes and then it result in a blogpost. This post is one of this.What just happened?

Dynamics365 Sales - Teams Telephony

I have worked and did some investigation on Dyn365Sales and how to get this working together with Teams and Telephony in Teams.
First of all I'm not an Dynamics365 Expert, just want to see what I get Teams to work with.
So, are you running E5 license? If yes, are you using Teams as Telephony? If NO, why? You have the license for it. You just need to speak to a telco or a partner to get this working. Then you can get either Operator Connect or Direct Routing for your users or just for your sales people.

If you have this enabled. well then from Dynamics365 Sales it's easy to enable for your Sales Team. 
For the users they will get this

Now what happes, if you in Sales search or follow ut a contact jump into it

From here just click on  the dial symbol and it will dial out from you Teams number or how this is configured. 

Customer dial back to sales person

If a customer calls you back or you have a relation wih it well this happens.
First of all you will see it in Sales.  
The Dyn365 Sales pop a toaster up and you can answer the call. Pretty cool.
When answered you can ofcourse get this

Are you speaking English or some other languages you can get transcript of the call either manual or automatic. 

Well that's all for today, want to know more or want to have this in Dyn365Sales, just contact me.

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