Summer 2022 comes to an end

Summer moved on and here are some cool stuff that has come lately

The summer holiday is going to an end. And what a summer it has been. So let’s wrap up some news Teams and other communities.


Powershell version for Teams

Here much has happened the last 4-5 weeks. The new version are now 4.5.0 in GA and not in preview, you find it here:


Read the release notes to see all the changes


Commsverse 2022

This year I was so lucky to be one of the speakers at Commsverse 2022. What a conference  Mark Vale, Randy Chapman, Martin Boam and Philippa Digby have built. If you plan for some conference next year this is one if them you have to be a part on. See more information here: https://www.commsverse.com/

My session was Dyn365 CS Omnichannel with Teams. I also run and showed a demo of voice (telephony) Direct Routing with Azure Communication Service.

This brings me in to next topics

Microsoft launches Digital Contact Center

Some days ago  in Microsoft Inspire 2022,  it finally happened.  Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform: A comprehensive, flexible customer care solution. Read about it here:


So this build on most of the components we already know from earlier. It’s based on Dyn365, Azure Communication Service, Teams, Power Platform and new company Microsoft acquire earlier Nuance.

I have earlier ( in January 2022) written a blog where I worked together with Tricia Sinclair and Thomas Sandsør on how de did it. Read about it here: https://international.ucworld.today/2022/01/dyn365-customer-service-omnichannel.html

Want to know more about it, just contact one of us.

Teams news about some cool stuff

We got some new stuff. Manipulate phone numbers so that users can show main number when calling out. This is something we have done on the SBC (Session Boarder Controller). Now we can do it in the TAC.

Some other cool stuff also is that we now have for the Teams client on calling is that we can use Queues and more placing the call

And we also got the cool part when it comes to transcript

From this menu

(means More) we do get this.

Turn on transcript feature.

 and here we can change the language from this meny.

We have 34 languages already. And I am sure there will be more of them.

All the Nordics are there already.  When we change the language we get this message

It say here we changed the language to Norwegian and it only affect you. Personal settings.

Going to work with this more later on.

That’s all for now, more comes later.







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