#dyn365 Sales - Teams integrations with Voice - How to Guide

Dyn365 Sales - Teams how to

Earlier in april 2022 I wrote this blog.....dyn365sales-teams-telephony.

Want to know how I did it?

  • Start to have Teams Voice - Telephony enabled for the user.
  • here you can use:
    • Direct Routing
    • Calling Plans
    • Operator Connect 
    • Teams Phone Mobile
    • Speak to someone who knows telephony stuff
  • Now the Dyn365 Sales part. 
  • Get trial or correct license for the users in Dyn365. See this 

Now it's time to start working. 

Dyn365 Config (be global admin)

First in the lower left corner go into app settings

In the App Settings configure this

Almost done

then turn on these features


Finaly we need to be a member of Sales person or any other Dyn365 groups for Sales security for Dyn365 shall work.

After a few hours this will be your result

Need help, you can contact me and we can do a workshop or come to me when I speak about this and more in conferences around in europe and Norway.

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