Review of Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant

 I was so lucky to get this book early and has read it. Here is my review of it.

Let me start to say as they say in the movie The Matrix "I now know Dyn365 Marketing" :-)

The book starts with the basic of Dyn365 Marketing. There are lot's of good knowlede shared by MVP and CEO Malin Martnes.

You can get the book from Amazon.com and here are the URL for it. Becoming a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant: Learn to deliver enterprise marketing solutions and insights to exponentially grow your business

The book has for each chapter a lot of good questions so that you can verify your knowlede. You will find the answer in the back of the book The book also work as an encyclopedia. I think this mandatory for people who want to know and learn about Dyn365 Marketing.

It takes you on a walk in how to make Dyn365 Marketing work and how to configure campaigns, how to's and much more.

Ever wonder how to make marketing campains to email or more, well in this book you will learn about it.

Since I'm not a Dyn365 person, and has so little knowledge about it, well I learned a lot. The  languange explain it in a simple way with great excamples and much more.

Is it needed?

Do you realy need this book. My answer is YES. It's well written and Malin Martnes has done a great job. So if you want get christmas gift for your self, this is the book you need.
You will get 374 pages of good knowlede and learn a lot so get out and buy it.

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